Quick update on the status of the www.bicyclewatercooler.com website, with an updated theme. Image contains: Cannondale Synapse, Factor O2 VAM, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.

I'm back! With Updates to the Website!

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The bikes may appear to have been parked, but I assure you that they have not!

We’ve all been busy lately, especially so with the holidays coming up. Unfortunately, I’ve been spending that time fidgeting with this website to make it look the way that I wanted it to look. There were some changes made in the previous theme that I was using that I did not particularly care for, and was unable to technically decipher the CSS and other front-end mumbo-jumbo (I’m definitely a back-end developer) to fix it myself.

All of this work without writing any new content! Terrible, I know.

So I’m finally releasing some updates.

So stoked for this one. My wonderful girlfriend and badass riding partner, who is much more graphically talented than I ever could be, has come up with the logo that you now see in the upper left of each page of the site. How cool is that!

Cyclist playing tug of war with Santa Claus over a candy cane near Sunol, California

She also shares an affinity for sweets during our rides.

New Theme

The main difference here, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, is a change in theme. It’s based off of Newsroom, with some heavy modifications made from my side. Luckily, all of this is open source, so I may find a way to eventually contribute some of these changes back upstream to the repo.

Hugo Taxonomies

I also updated a lot of this, as Hugo by default uses the concept of a “taxonomy”, which is a way to categorize your site. I’ve basically stuck with the basics for now, “categories” and “tags”, which, I’ll admit, is not the most exciting thing to all of you. But I’ve kept the basic index pages for them, at least for now, so that I can refer back to previous posts to get quick links for and all of that.

Feel free to browse all of them if you want (please don’t mind the rough view of the index pages!) at categories and tags. A few of the specific categories I like are included in the nav menu above.

Other housekeeping

This will be a work-in-progress, but things like SEO, having a properly-formed RSS feed, the robots.txt file, index.json, etc, are now all in the site. I’ll give it some time to see what is being used and clicked on, and hopefully with some new and additional content, we’ll have a great place for everyone to hang out and chat with about all things bikes!

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