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Welcome to the Bicycle Water Cooler

Bicyclist looking out over the town of Vaujany, France. Image contains: France, view, church, clouds, road, cyclist, road signs, houses

The start of what I’m hoping will be an active and long journey

I’ve always been a guy who’s been fascinated by technology. I was the geeky kid in school who literally wrote a “Dear Abbey” anonymous letter (it was an assignment, after all) and signed it “technologically impaired” because I was lamenting my lack of some new computer or game or something. I can’t remember. I just remember being frustrated that everyone kept referring to my letter as “technology impaired” instead of “technologically” impaired.

Yeah, that’s me. A bit like the xkcd guy, I’m a blend of technology, grammar obsessor, and, within the past few years since 2013, a hardcore bike nerd.

So. As to what this site is about.

I want to first learn something new in the realm of technology. A coworker of mine a year ago mentioned Hugo being a super easy framework using Golang (which I’m currently into) to generate quite elaborate, but static websites that are easy to manage and support.

I’m also genuinely interested in hearing from other people and collaborating with others. Especially when it comes to riding, which is fantastic here in the Bay Area. I spend an exorbitant amount of time scouring the internet for reviews and first-hand experiences using various bike tech (just ask my girlfriend), so why not post some of my own and help others?

And hey, why not, right? Let’s combine our passions. Let’s all gather around the proverbial water cooler and chat about the badass rides we all did last weekend, or the ones we want to do next weekend, or the amazing pastries we ate because we rode last weekend.

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