The Bicycle Water Cooler, as I have chosen to call it, is a virtual location for me to put my thoughts about all things I care to talk about in the world of technology, riding bikes, food, and whatever else that tends to cross paths. The overall intention is to provide my feedback in the form of reviews on various bike products.

I’m quite into riding my bike for fun and exercise, and particularly love to geek out when it comes to using new gear, be it clothing, technology, sensors, and analyzing of all the data. I’ve also grown quite fond of traveling with my bike, especially to Europe, where I can get the chance to relive what it’s like, even if only for a few days, to be a professional rider.

Ah, to take in the sights of the Alps. Or to be walking the old Gothic Quarter of Barcelona.


Professionally, I’m a Site Reliability Engineer, so I’m a sucker for graphs, details, and data. I’m always trying to read or learn something from any of these areas, and it’s weirdly fun to relate things that others would deem as lifeless and soul-less in a way that brings them to life.

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