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Biking is Good for the Soul

Simplifying your life by riding your bike is easy. Image contains: flowers, Golden Gate Bridge.

This past week has been kind of rough for me. I think the “long” winter that we’ve had this year, while incredibly mild to many of you I’m sure, has taken its toll on this Southern California kid. Riding has become a bit tough for me to get passionate about, and work has become a bit difficult to stay focused with.

To top it off, my company gave us all the entire week off next week to do with whatever we will.

Taking Care of Ourselves

Outside of biking, we all know that we need to take care of ourselves. We know this.

But it’s difficult to actually do it. At least for me.

With how contemplative I usually am, it always shocks me to think that this is something that I often struggle with. I enjoy what I do for work, and I actually do look forward most days to sitting down at my desk here at home to tackle the things that I have had on my plate.

A bike ride helped me to reset

Shocker, right? I took last Friday to myself. It was a normal work day, but with everyone being out all next week, it basically was another day where no one was really expected to accomplish much. So I decided to strike out on my own, going a different direction along a route that I do quite regularly, then spice it up with some sightseeing around the San Francisco city.

The wind going up the peninsula during this time of day is basically head-on, a 0 degree yaw, and really makes for a lot more difficult riding than normal, especially by the airport where the tailwind really helps you fly.

A funny man saying it was a pun, as if it weren't obvious

But it was wonderful.

I didn’t focus too much on what I wasn’t doing.

Factor O2 VAM bike leaning against a wall in front of a reflecting pool in front of the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, California

I was busy disconnecting.

I was busy thinking about the good things in my life.

I was happy that my disc brakes weren’t squealing like they have been recently.

I even enjoyed some nice snacks throughout my venture into the city.

Acai bowl from Indie Superette in the Marina district of San Francisco.

Find your Reset

Whatever it is for you. Biking is a great way to do it, and is something that you likely share an affinity for, since you’re already here, reading this blog.

Life is too crazy and too busy not to.

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